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Marketing the Rainbow: Gillette between toxic and ally

Gillette came late to the rainbow podium, but before the ‘easy year’ 2015, so they don’t get many demerits for that. They have done a number of remarkable campaigns in various countries (but especially the US home market), including attention for trans persons. The rainbow support seems to come mainly from the parent company, but […]

Marketing the Rainbow: The legend of Lesbaru

Subaru was an early starter in Marketing the Rainbow with the particularity that they mainly aimed at the lesbian drivers – with Martina as spokesperson. They have also held it up for a long time, creating the Legend of Lesbaru. Original, custom-made content with lots of naughty jokes. Support for charities. The whole package: Subaru […]


As for so many activities, LGBT people organize plenty of sporting events for the community (& friends). Sponsorship has been less of a problem in recent years than it was in the beginning. But in the regular sports world, the journey is still sad Representation -> visibility -> normalization -> tolerance -> acceptance -> respect. We […]