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Marketing the Rainbow: real estate

“Gay men and real estate are a dream marketing match.”Financial Times, reporting on the UK gay market research study by Out Now and Millivres Question: What do The Village (New York) 50 years ago, Soho (London) 35 years ago, Le Marsis in Paris 25 years ago, Manchester’s Canal Street and Sydney’s Surry Hills 20 years […]

The three striped company

In 2014, the company started paying (extra) attention to its LGBT employees. First of all, the HR policy was extended with domestic partnership benefits for healthcare, employees transitioning gender, and “inclusive parental benefits to include ALL parents, no matter how they choose to bring children into the world”. They started to provide internal education to employees, and […]

The SKYY is the limit

Since its inception in 1992, SKYY has been a staunch supporter of causes important to LGBT communities across the country. The first ad targeted at gays I found dates from 1995: Just Out. They were the first big brand to show a lesbian couple in an ad, and one of the very first brands to […]