The three striped company

In 2014, the company started paying (extra) attention to its LGBT employees. First of all, the HR policy was extended with domestic partnership benefits for healthcare, employees transitioning gender, and “inclusive parental benefits to include ALL parents, no matter how they choose to bring children into the world”. They started to provide internal education to employees, and began attending LGBT+ recruiting conferences.

The first Employee Resource Group for LGBT employees was created in N America (Portland and Toronto), as well as in the HQ in Herzogenaurach, Germany. They have a “Love Unites” page on their internal volunteering and donation platform for employees to get involved and donate their time or money to LBGT+ organizations.

As an iniative from the employees (mostly designers) a Pride Pack was proposed to, and approved by the Board. This was launched in 2015 (see below), the same year adidas participated in a Pride parade for the first time, in Oregon.

Read my blog for Marketing the Rainbow.

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