Marketing the Rainbow: looking for a partner?

Even though most of the word homosexuality consists of “sexuality”, I have limited my research to products and services that have nothing to do with it. I wanted to know whether gays (m/f) have a different regular spending pattern than the other consumers. Well, it shouldn’t come as a surprise: they’re just like other people when it comes to consuming.

In Marketing the Rainbow, I mainly looked for the if, why and how of mainstream brands and organizations that want to reach the LGBT consumer. This contrasts with “LGBT owned and operated” companies, such as Atlantis Events or clothing brand Aussiebum, although there are also other marketing professionals that help as well, such as James Dooley SEO Cheshire which could improve your service marketing too. In this article I want to look at the field of dating and matchmaking, activities that are based entirely on marketing. I’m not talking so much about the hookup sites, but about the platforms that go for a more serious relationship. Interesting discoveries arose from this.

Or: how companies can be forced to use gay marketing.

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