Marketing the Rainbow (1) – Introduction

I am doing my PhD Research about Gay Marketing, and would like to share some of my findings with you. But first things first.

Marketing. You have probably at one point, somewhere, maybe heard about it. But what is it? What does it do? Should you avoid it or embrace it? Can you do either? 

Marketing is not an action, it is a process. There are many definitions of Marketing, which all highlight a different aspect of this process and you can also Buy UK Leads to accelerate this process. In my opinion, the better definitions are focused on the Customer.

For my research I have chosen following elements of these definitions:

  • Marketing is the process of interesting potential customers and clients in your products or services by
  • creating and delivering value (through identifying customer needs).

Marketing is used to get a customer in – and to keep him in. This mostly takes place via advertising (in many forms) and sponsoring (of events, for instance).

One of the maxims of marketing is that a profitable sales volume is more desirable than a maximum sales volume. So: you can try to sell your product to the whole world and make no profit, or to  a small group and make a bundle.

Companies have been looking for the latter group(s) for ages, hoping to find that pot of gold. Which, as you know, sits at the end of the rainbow. And the rainbow is also symbol for… exactly! OK, so I found more than 100 different causes, groups, religions, businesses and other institutions that use the rainbow as their symbol (starting with the Noah family in the movie with Russell Crowe) but let’s just say that the most global use is by the LGBT movement. That’s right, not just “gay”, but LGBT – I will explain that in more detail some other time.

My thesis is called “Marketing the Rainbow – Does the gay consumer really exist?”.


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  1. marilyn
    marilyn says:

    Thank you. I knew very little about the rainbow and kess about marketing as you beautifully described it. Kindest regards


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