ABN AMRO and their casual diversity

In the Human Rights Report 2020, they write:
Over the years, we’ve created or signed on to several statements that demonstrate our commitment to diversity in the workplace, such as:

  • The Declaration of Amsterdam for an LGBT Inclusive Workplace (2013)
  • ABN AMRO Ethics Committee statement on LGBT+ rights in the workplace (2016)
  • UN Standards of Conduct for Business on Tackling Discrimination against LGBTI people (2018)
  • LGBTI Manifesto for the Sustainable Development Goals (2018)
  • Women’s Empowerment Principles (2020)

In 2015, the bank changed strategy with an accompanying pay-off: “What is your story?” They released a life-style ad, which depicts the moments in life where people are considering their (financial) options. One of these moments was a wedding, which in this case casually was with two grooms. In my eyes this is a perfect form of Marketing the Rainbow.

Read my blog for Marketing the Rainbow.

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